Terms and Conditions


All orders that are delivered to a drop off location must be picked up within 24 hours. Please observe the store hours for each of our drop off partners. If you cannot ensure prompt pickup please do not order. If something unexpected happens after your order, please notify us and we will try to retrieve your order and hold it until you can schedule a re-delivery, however, we cannot guarantee that. No refunds will be given due to your failure to pickup your order in a timely fashion.

All ingredients/consumables sales are final with no returns. Unless you notify us, all grain orders will be milled and mixed in a single bag, except for grains bought by the sack, those will not be milled. We will not refund any orders due to milling/not milling or mixing/not mixing if you do not specify your preferences ahead of time. We will not mill any grains separately if less than 1 pound. We cannot mill certain grains by themselves, regardless of the amount, due to the difficulty of milling these grains. The heavily roasted grains tend to jam up mills instead of passing through. Any grain that is darker (i.e. a higher Lovibond) than Pale Chocolate must be mixed with a lighter grain to at least a 1:1 ratio. We will not double mill any orders. If you need special control over your milling please see our mills for sale.

All non-consumable items may be returned within 30 days if unused, not damaged and in the original undamaged box. Refunds will be credited minus the actual processing fee charged to Homecrafted. Customer will be responsible for return shipping. PLEASE IMMEDIATELY INSPECT ALL SHIPMENTS FOR DAMAGE. Damage should be reported immediately to the delivery driver but must be reported to us within 24 hours of delivery.

Please ensure your order and information is correct, complete and includes everything you need before submitting. Multiple orders, regardless of dollar amount, cause Homecrafted to incur additional expenses, especially with processing. We will work with you to refund part of the small order transaction fee ($5) but we cannot always refund any or all of that fee. For example, if you complete a large order but then realize you forget to purchase a 99 cent pack of wine yeast, our system will charge you the $5 fee since you new yeast purchase is less than $20. If you contact us we will refund the $5 minus the actual transactions costs associated with the purchase of the 99 cent yeast. We will only do this if this small order is an immediate addition to a larger (+$20) order and the additional order is delivered with the original order. We will not do this for stand alone orders.

Any order cancelled by the customer after being processed by PayPal but before Homecrafted has had a chance to fulfill will not be refunded by Homecrafted. This must be done by contacting PayPal to file a dispute. In this instance, Homecrafted will cooperate with PayPal to resolve the dispute but Homecrafted will only refund the purchase price minus the transaction fees incurred. In any instance, any refunds requested that were not the fault of Homecrafted will be refunded less the cost of transaction fees incurred, this includes out of stock items. Out of stock items will be back-ordered. If you need an item right now please contact us to verify stock levels before placing your order. If you request a refund due to an item being out of stock, Homecrafted will refund your order minus the actual processing fee charged to Homecrafted.