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Snow Day!!!

The roads were bad, everyone had off from work and your kids didn’t go to school so we were closed.  We decided to brew a clone of Blanche de Bruxelles.  Here’s the recipe:

5 lbs. 1.8 oz Pilsner Malt

4 lbs. 4.8 oz Flaked Wheat

1 lb 1.3 oz. Flaked Oats

4.3 oz Munich Malt

0.75 oz Hallertau @ 60 minutes

0.5 oz Cascade leaf hops @ 5 minutes

1.5 oz. lemon zest @ 5 minutes

1.0 oz. coriander @ 5 minutes

Wyeast Forbidden Fruit 3463

Using BIAB we mashed for 90 minutes.  Our target OG was 1.52, we hit 1.048.


During our 90 minute mash we prepped our ingredients.  First up, we crushed the coriander.  This can be done in a grain mill but a bag and a rolling pin work just as well.  You want to crack the shell, not pulverize it into a dust.  Next, we zested about 2 lemons to yield 1.5 oz of zest.  We went ahead and weighed out our cascade and german hallertau hops.


This is a fairly simple brew but anytime you use fresh fruit or spices it can be a challenge to balance the flavors.  We’ll keep you updated as to how it turns out.