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Online Ordering and Drop-off Locations

UPDATE 12/8/20: We will only offer pickup at Black Dog and Home Delivery. Home Delivery is available only if you live within 10 miles of 180 Newspaper Way, Holly Springs, NC.

As you know, Homecrafted has moved to online orders only with local delivery options.  So far we’ve delivered to your home and we are now ready to offer pickup at one of our drop-off locations.  We’ve been lucky enough to partner with some of our friends in the industry, Vicious Fishes BreweryBlack Dog Bottle Shop and Hugger Mugger Brewing.  Starting Monday the 12th, you’ll be able to choose any of these great local businesses as a location to pickup your order from Homecrafted.

So how does this work?   Here is our Checkout Page:
First, a few technical things to point out then we’ll continue below.
1.  Make sure you browser is on the secure “https” site not the “http”.  The correct address is . Our payment system will not work with the non-secure address.
2.  Ensure “Ship to a different address?” is not selected.
3.  Be sure to read the term and conditions and click that you agree
(continued below picture)

Complete the required fields (name, address, etc) then choose from which locations you would like to pickup your order.  Once selected a box will open just below the location, here you can schedule which day you would like your order delivered. From there, click “Proceed to Paypal” and complete your purchase on the PayPal website.  You can make special order notes for us, such as milled/ not milled, on the Paypal site.

You’ll get 10% off if you choose any of our local drop off locations!

Our goal is to offer same day delivery at 5 PM for all orders finalized by noon that same day.  So if you order at 10 AM on Monday we plan to have it ready for pickup at 5 PM Monday afternoon. Of course, you can schedule to have to your order delivered sometime in the future.  Future delivery dates help Homecrafted on the logistical side as well.  We will do all we can to make deliveries as quick and easy as possible but please be aware that sometimes items are out of stock or we get booked up on deliveries for that day.  If we unable to deliver that same day, we will deliver the next business day by 5 PM.  Please plan Friday’s order accordingly.

We can ship orders but you must contact us before ordering so we can give you a shipping estimate.  We’re working on having a shipping calculator added to the website but local delivery is our primary focus right now.  We’re also working on getting a live inventory count added so you can be confident the item you ordered is in stock.  We have removed the minimum purchase requirement of $20.  Instead there is a $5 fee for all order below $20.  This is to cover our card processing fee and delivery costs.  Orders greater than $20 have no fee added.

Kristen and I really appreciated all who supported Homecrafted at our brick and mortar store and we really appreciate your continued support as we transition to our online store.  Please be patient as we figure this out.  I’m simply human (but I’m working on that, lol) so I’m going to make mistakes.  When I do make a mistake please let me know so that I can correct it and improve our process and customer service.  Thank you for your continued support.