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New Products

We are stocking Better Bottles again!  They’re available in 3, 5 and 6 gallon sizes.  Better Bottles are made of the same material as our current PET carboys but have a higher punt in the bottom and the sides are ribbed.  The higher punt allows you to siphon less trub from the bottom.  The ribbed sides made the walls more rigid which prevents the liquid from sloshing when picked up/carried.

Better Bottle pricing


The OxyWand is a 2 micron diffusion stone mounted to a stainless steel rod and makes it easy to aerate your wort.  This is a great addition to our aeration kit.

The Bouncer Filter is a simple and inexpensive way to filter trub(hops, yeast, proteins) from your fermenter.  It does not require pressurized CO2 or a pump to use, just attach it inline to your kettle spigot or siphon.

Check out this stainless steel Dry Hop Filter! 2.75″ x 11.5″ and 300 micron is the perfect size for dry hopping in primary, The Fermonster or a keg.