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New hops

This month Homecrafted has added 11 new hop pellet varieties!


  • Hallertau: Traditionally a superior German aroma hop. Excellent flavor. Mild to semi-strong aroma, versatile bittering and finishing. Used for Wheats, Altbiers, Pilsners, Belgian Ales, American and German Lagers. Alpha acid: 2.7%, Beta Acid: 3.8%
  • Polaris: Intense floral and pleasant mint tones.  Alpha Acid: 18.8% Beta Acid: 4.5-6.0%
  • Herkules: Spicy, floral and hop notes with hints of pine, black pepper and melon. Alpha Acid: 17.3% Beta Acid: 5.6%
  • Perle: Bred at the Hull Hop Research Institute from the English Northern Brewer variety. Used for Pale Ales, Porters, Lagers.  Alpha Acid: 7.5% Beta Acid: 4.9%


  • Galaxy: The Australian hop variety Galaxy is a high alpha dual purpose seedless cultivar with a marked and unique hop aroma. Galaxy, when added late in the boil, has been found to impart a unique and pleasant flavor to beer. The striking flavor has been described as a combination of citrus and passionfruit, whilst still contributing significant bittering. Alpha Acid: 13.7% Beta Acid: 5.0-6.9%
  • Topaz: Very high alpha acid content. Good for IPA and other high alpha beers. Alpha Acid: 16.5%Beta Acid: 6.5%

New Zealand:

  • Wakatu: Distinct floral, slight citrus/lime. Use in Lagers, Pilsners, Bitters, Ales, Bocks. Alpha Acid: 7.1% Beta Acid: 8.5%
  • Motueka: Lemon, lime, tropical fruit. Use in Belgian and English Ales, Pilsners. Alpha Acid: 6.6% Beta Acid: 5.0-5.5%


  • Strisselspalt: Very fine spicy, herbal, floral, lemon and fruit characteristics. Alpha Acid: 1.2% Beta Acid: 5.1%

United Kingdom:

  • Challenger: Cedar, green tea and sweet floral characteristics. Alpha Acid: 8.9% Beta Acid: 3.7%

United States:

  • Santiam: Slightly spicy with herbal and floral characteristics. Alpha Acid: 7.2% Beta Acid: 7.4%


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