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Homecrafted received some great homebrew supplies this afternoon despite the heavy rain.  First up is the Speidel 30L(7.9 gallon) Plastic Fermenter.  Like everything made in Germany, this fermenter is engineered to perform and built to last forever.  This unit comes with everything you see here plus an additional cap so that you can completely seal for long term storage.  The handles on this are strong enough to use when it is full of fermenting wort.  Far better than a typical plastic carboy and far safer than a heavy glass carboy.  If you wonder why you should use this instead of a glass carboy then check out this link but be aware that it has graphic images of injuries from glass carboys:  This item is $60.00.


Here are some of our fermenters we keep in stock.  From left to right, the Speidel 7.9 gallon($60.00), the BC 8 gallon bucket($29.68), Better Bottle 3 gallon plastic carboy($23.50) and the Better Bottle 6 gallon plastic carboy($26.75).  Not pictured are our 7 gallon buckets($12.99).

0710141416aUp next is our all stainless steel 64 ounce mini-keg carboy.  Instantly be the envy of all your friends and folks at the growler filling station.  You’re friend might have a glass growler but they don’t have a stainless!  This mini-keg stands about 8 inches tall but has the same capacity of the normal glass growler.  The cap of this growler is reusable unlike the standard caps on a glass growler.  I am already close to being sold out of these and I just received them today!  I will be placing a large reorder in the near future.  Come pre-order and save.  This item is $34.95 when in stock.  We also have glass growlers for $5.25, caps for $0.38 and reusable caps for $1.04.


Last but certainly not least is our wort chiller.  Made of 3/8″ copper pipe this chiller has 25′ of copper to cool your wort to yeast pitching temperatures in a hurry.  Notice that the majority of the coils are raised to the top of the wort where the most heat will be therefore increasing speed and efficiency.  8 FEET of vinyl tubing are included on both the inlet and outlet!  You’re lucky if you get half that from other chillers.  This chiller is $71.91.


As always, if we do not stock what you want please call us or stop by.  We can always save you money on orders and most items can be had in two days or less.