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New Grains and Bulk Grains

Homecrafted has added several malts to our inventory and expanded our bulk malt selection.

We now offer Crisp Best (Pale Ale) malt in 55 pound sacks and we have added some of their specialty malts such as Pale Chocolate and Brown Malt.

Our Weyermann Malt selection has increased dramatically!  We now off the Caraffa Specials(1,2&3) malts by the pound as well as their Beechwood smoked malt, Munich (1&2)  and Wheats(dark and light).  For bulk, we have their Vienna, Pilsner and Pale Ale.

Briess ceased production of their 6-row malt so we are replacing it with Rahr.  Rahr is American malster that is family owned since 1847.  It’s also less expensive than Briess.  Rahr 6-row is available by the pound and in bulk sacks.

You now have over 70 grains to choose from right here in your local store!  As always, if there’s something you would like us to carry, please let us know.