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How We’re Adapting to the Stay-at-Home Order

Yesterday, Wake County announced a stay at home order.  We will be closing today, Friday March 27, at 5 PM to stay in compliance.  Starting Saturday morning our new hours and procedures will go into effect.

Under this order Homecrafted will still be able to operate but we’ll have curbside takeout only, no customers in the store.  You’ll need to place your order ahead of time either on our website or via phone.  We do need a little time to make your order so we’ll contact you when your order is ready to be picked up.  When you arrive, remain in your car.  We’ll set your order on our table outside and return to the store.  You may then exit your car and retrieve your order.  Following this protocol we can continue to provide you with everything as we did before except for beer by the glass.  We can do growler fills but you will need to purchase a new growler and cap at that time.  We cannot fill growlers that you bring to us.

We’re changing our hours as well.  Now through the end of the order (currently April 16) we’ll be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday only.  On those 3 days we’ll be here 9 AM – 5 PM.  Again, we will only be open for business those 3 days.  I need the extra time to procure supplies and ingredients.

Supplies are more difficult to find and suppliers take longer to ship with their reduced labor hours.  We are low on many popular items so please be patient while we figure this out.  We have a large resupply arriving this Monday and I’ll be placing several smaller orders Monday will multiple suppliers as those seem to ship faster.

It’s become catchy to “buy local” and “support small business”.  It doesn’t get any more local or smaller than Homecrafted.  Most of you know that when I say “we” I mean my wife and I.  While we’ve had a couple of great employees in the past, it’s just us right right now.  My wife has a “real job” so it’s just me here most of the time.  Please be patient as we work through this temporary obstacle caused by the virus.  We appreciate the immense support from all of you.  Look out for each other and wash your hands.