Filter Housing – 10″




A high quality 10″ filter housing is the central part of the filtering system you are building up from scratch. Whether you’re looking to filter your water ahead of brewing or your finished beer prior to bottling/kegging, this housing will be there to hold your filter media year after year.
The same 10″ housing found in our FIL32 kit. It has 1/2″ FPT ports on both the “in” and “out” of the housing, allowing you to connect hose barbs, valves, or quick disconnects for a fully customized system. Can even be mounted on the wall with our Filter Canister Bracket!
Please Note: This housing is for 10″ filter cartridges.  Many cartridge filters are 9.785″ long, and will allow some bypass if used with this housing. We recommend BevBright filter cartridges.