Brew on Premises

Learn to brew by making your own batch of beer!  This is a two part item:

  1. You’ll brew you own beer from ingredient selection to the boil to pitching yeast into the fermenter.
  2. After 2 weeks you’ll return to bottle your beer

One of our knowledgeable employees will guide you through each step .  Use our equipment and we’ll clean up the mess.  Prices includes all ingredients and 2 weeks in out temperature controlled fermentation room.

After 2 weeks you can keg or bottle your brew and take it home to enjoy.  If you’re bottling bottles are $10/case(24) for 12 ounce bottles and $11/case (12) of 22 ounce bottles.  We suggest 2 cases of the 12 ounce bottles for 5 gallons and 4 cases for the 10 gallon batches.If you would like to use 22 ounce bottles we suggest 2 cases for 5 gallons or 5 cases for 10 gallons(you may have extra bottles).

Up to 4 people per kettle.

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Showing all 15 results